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Letters of Fr. Daniel Themann, Current Rector
Dec. 2016: Priestly Ordinations
Oct. 2016: Assurance in Suffering
May 2016: Short Steps to Sanctity
Dec. 2015: God's Pledge Renewal
Nov. 2015: Purgatory Avoidable

Letters of Fr. Vicente Griego, Rector 2008 - 2015
June-July 2015: Love of God
Apr.-May 2015: Cassock Symbolism
Feb.-Mar. 2015: Joy from the Cross
Jan. 2015: Two New Deacons
Oct./Nov. 2014: The Need for Prayer
Sep. 2014: The Enemy Within
Aug. 2014: St. Pius X and the Priestly Ideal
June-July 2014: First Engagements
May 2014: Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces
Apr. 2014: Living and Teaching the Truth
March 2014: Our Dependence on God
Jan./Feb. 2014: The Priest's Confessional Ministry
Dec. 2013: The Need for a Religious Family
Nov. 2013: The Total Gift
Oct. 2013: Family Discipline
Sept. 2013: Vocational Fidelity
Aug. 2013: Sincere Service of God
July 2013: The Measure of True Success
June 2013: Returning the Love of the Sacred Heart
May 2013: The Work of Prayer
Mar./Apr. 2013: St. Joseph, Model of the Spiritual Life
Jan./Feb. 2013: Christmas Charity
Dec. 2012: Priestly Obedience
Nov. 2012: The Un-Lived Life
Sept/Oct. 2012: A Vocation Obstacle
July/Aug. 2012: The Vocation, An Honourable Pursuit
June 2012: Fidelity in Our Lady's Crusade
Apr./May 2012: Humble and Tenacious Integrity
March 2012: St. Joseph
Jan./Feb. 2012: Summer Sanctification
Dec. 2011: Why Christ Came
Oct./Nov. 2011: The Reign of Christ the King
Sept. 2011: Answering the Call
Aug. 2011: Priestly Example
July 2011: Perseverance in Pursuing Perfection
June 2011: Education vs. Specialisation
May 2011: The New Rosary Crusade
April 2011: The Duty to Preach Christ
Mar. 2011: Happiness in God
Jan./Feb. 2011: Familial Self-indulgence
Dec. 2010: Christian Modesty
Nov. 2010: Becoming a Saint in our State of Life
Oct. 2010: Integral Christianity
Sept. 2010: The Need for Meditation and Contemplation
Aug. 2010: Call for Vocations
July 2010: The Sweetness of Serving God
June 2010: In the Forge of the Sacred Heart
May 2010: Compromising with Worldliness
Apr. 2010: Christian Courtesy
Mar. 2010: Fulfilling the Will of God
Jan./Feb. 2010: Thanksgiving for Ordinations
Dec. 2009: The Spirit of Liberalism & Ordinands' Biographies
Nov. 2009: The Communion of Saints
Oct. 2009: Imitating the Divine Beauty
Sep. 2009: The Catholic Priesthood
Aug. 2009: Submission to God's Truth
July 2009: Today's Battle for the Faith
June 2009: The Errors of Russia and the Combat against Them
May 2009: Obstacles to the Vocation Today
Apr. 2009: The Redemption of Christ and the Role of the Priest
Mar. 2009: Sincere Living of the Faith
Jan./Feb. 2009: Priestly Ordinations
Dec. 2008: Mary, Mother of Priests
Nov. 2008: Purgatory
Oct. 2008: Take up the banner of the Blessed and Victorious Virgin Mary.
Sep. 2008: First address. Importance and necessity of vocations.
Letters of Fr. Scott, rector 2002 - 2008
Aug. 2008: Clarification on the situation at Papa Stronsay
Jul. 2008: Seminary Spirituality
Jun. 2008: Anniversary of the Consecration of the Four Bishops by Archbishop Lefebvre
May 2008: The Pope's Visit to the U.S., Secularism and Seminary News
Apr. 2008: Comments on the Doctrinal Note on Some Aspects of Evangelization
Mar. 2008: Good Friday Prayer for the Jews, Spe salvi
Feb. 2008: Vocations
Jan. 2008: Ordinations at Holy Cross Seminary
Dec. 2007: Limbo
Oct. 2007: The Pope and China
Sep. 2007: The new Ecclesiology
July 2007: Motu Proprio “Summorum Pontificum”
June 2007: Cardinal Hoyos admits that the traditional Mass was never abrogated by the New Mass
May 2007: Centennial of Lamentabili the solemn condemnation of Modernism by Saint Pius X
Apr. 2007: Sacramentum caritatis: Exhortation of the Holy Father promoting the usage of Latin
Mar. 2007: Ecumenical Dialogue
Jan. 2007: A pictorial presentation of the ordinations at Holy Cross Seminary last month
Dec. 2006: The historic document published by the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments concerning the translation of Pro multis
Nov. 2006: The new Indult or Motu Proprio of Pope Benedict XVI
Sep. 2006: Vocations
Aug. 2006: The Society’s General Chapter in Switzerland
Jun. 2006: Three Indian Seminarians leave Holy Cross Seminary to rejoin their Novus Ordo diocese.
Apr. 2006: Rome and Econe
Mar. 2006: A commentary on the Pope's first encyclical, Deus caritas est
Feb. 2006: The Interpretation of Vatican II
Dec. 2005: The falsification of the Incarnation
Nov. 2005: Popes meeting with Hans Kung, Synod of Bishops on the Eucharist
Oct. 2005: Interview with Bishop Fellay about recent meeting with Pope; and a plea for funds
Aug. 2005: Fatima - Is it Relevant?
July 2005: Appointment of Archbishop Levada as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
May 2005:

Priestly Ordinations, Pope Benedict XVI

Apr. 2005:

Seminary Spiritual Goals

Mar. 2005: Centennial Of Laicisation Of France
Feb. 2005: The Pope’s October declaration of this year as a Eucharistic year
Dec. 2004: Campos and Bishop Rifan's concelebration of the New Mass
Nov. 2004: Virtue of religion
Oct. 2004: Priestly assignments
Aug. 2004: Catholic Action and the Third Order of the Society of St. Pius X
July 2004: 150th Anniversary of the Immaculate Conception
May 2004: Rome’s instruction on the Eucharist
Apr. 2004: Definition of a Seminary: Union with Christ
Mar. 2004: St. Joseph's House Update. The Society and Rome
Jan. 2004: Ecumenism
Dec. 2003: Fatima Inter-Religious Congress
Nov. 2003: What is a Seminary?
Oct. 2003: Dechristianization & the Moral Law
Aug. 2003: Brothers, the heart of the Seminary
Jul. 2003: The six aspects of a true vocation and how we can encourage them
Jun. 2003: Rumours, Encyclical on the Holy Eucharist, past and future events at the Seminary
May 2003: Anniversaries of first public mass, election of St. Pius X and death of Fr. Emmanuel
Apr. 2003: Growth of the Seminary, the betrayal of Jesus by his friends today.
Mar. 2003: New abortion law, living the Mass, devotion to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts
Feb. 2003: The start of the Seminary and the situation in Campos
Jan. 2003: The significance of the engagements of the priests of the Society of Saint Pius X
Dec. 2002: New seminarians, synthesis of the teaching of Vatican II
Nov. 2002: Seminary news, the Pope and the Rosary, Josemaria Escriva canonization
Oct. 2002: Fr. Scott's arrival, the new seminary, Bishop Rifan, Cardinal Hoyos
Sep. 2002: Festivities for the feasts of the Holy Cross, Our Lady of Sorrows, and Saint Michael.
33 years since the introduction of the Novus Ordo Missae

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