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The 2009 Major Ordination Ceremonies

19 December 2009: Ember Saturday in Advent
Ordinations to the Priesthood

On a beautiful Australian summer day in Goulburn, Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais conferred the Sacred Priesthood on two deacons, Fr. Rémi Picot of France and Fr. Todd Stephens of Australia. Twenty-three priests were present for the ceremony, including several alumni from overseas, as well as an estimated 500 faithful. In his sermon, His Lordship commented on the rite of ordination to explain the nature and powers of the priesthood. The priesthood is not personal, but a participation in the priesthood of Jesus Christ. The priest offers the sacrifice of Christ at the altar, but must also live that sacrifice in his own life to be truly priestly.

The powers of the priest are indicated in the Pontifical: "The office of the priest is to offer sacrifice, to bless, to govern, to preach, and to sanctify." His Lordship explained these powers, while emphasizing that the most important power of the priest is that of sanctification. The priest accomplishes this work through the powerful means of the Sacraments. Bishop Tissier mentioned the striking example of the Curé of Ars in this Year of the Priest. The sacrament of Penance is all the more necessary today as it has been set aside by the Modernists.

In his apostolate, the priest will achieve more by a holy and pious example than by leadership. The Pontifical gives a beautiful illustration of how the pastoral activities of the priest draw their fruit from his contemplation before the tabernacle: "May they keep Thy law before their minds day and night, believe what they read, teach what they believe, and practice what they teach." The very next words show the virtues that he must practice: "May they show forth in their persons justice, constancy, mercy, fortitude, and all other virtues, be leaders by their example..." The priest, His Lordship said, must practice justice firstly towards God, he must be constant in his duty of his state, live the mercy which is God's most notable attribute in His actions towards us, and he must be strong through preaching the truth without compromise.

His Lordship concluded with reminding the ordinands that their priesthood is begotten in the spiritual womb of Our Lady, who is Mother of all priests. Every priest must have a great devotion to Our Lady, who becomes their mother in a more intimate way on the day of their ordination.

Following are the number of priests ordained from Holy Cross since 2005, the first year for priestly ordinations at the Seminary:

  1. 2005 -- 4
  2. 2006 -- 3
  3. 2007 -- 1
  4. 2008 -- 3 (one in the US)
  5. 2009 -- 2

The Seminary is grateful to God for the grace of two new priests granted to the Church coming from this house of formation. However, there is currently a bit of a drought in new applicants; no Australian has entered since 2004 and the number of seminarians has dropped into single digits. We ask the prayers of all the friends and benefactors of Holy Cross that God might dispose many young men to try their vocation.

Group Photo after the ordination ceremony
Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais officiating; Assistant Priest, Fr. Vicente Griego
Ordinands: Fr. Rémi Picot and Fr. Todd Stephens

Procession to the Tent
Todd Stephens is ordained a priest
(left) The Procession to the Ordination Tent.
(right) Todd Stephens is ordained a priest.

The two ordinands
Consecration at the Ordination Mass
(left) The two ordinands present themselves.
(right) The Consecration at the Ordination Mass.

After the imposition of hands

After the imposition of hands by the Bishop and the priests.

Sermon big view
Closeup of the sermon
Two views of the sermon during the ordination ceremony.
The new priests with their assistant priests
Fr. Stephens blesses his father

The newly ordained priests are assisted in their concelebration with the Bishop by Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz (left) and Fr. Fabrice Loschi (right)

Fr. Stephens gives a first blessing to his father, Mr. Robert Stephens.

Fr. Picot blesses his mother
Fr. Bochkoltz gives a first blessing

Fr. Picot gives a first blessing to his mother.

Fr. Louis Bochkoltz came from Belgium to attend the ordination ceremony. Having been ordained this past June, he took the opportunity to give some first blessings to Australians.

Fr. Picot blesses the children
Fr. Griego speaks with the SSPX Sisters

Fr. Picot blesses a young boy.

The six SSPX Sisters stationed in Sydney traveled to the Seminary for the ordination ceremony. Here they are speaking with Fr. Rector.

The ordinands cut the celebration cake
Fr. Picot gives Benediction

(left) The newly ordained conduct a "concele-cake-tion."
(right) Fr. Picot gave his first Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament the evening of the 19th.

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