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Events of 2016

15 DECEMBER 2016

Ordination to the Priesthood

One Australian and two Americans were ordained to the priesthood of Our Lord by His Lordship Bishop Tissier de Mallerais on 15 December at Holy Cross. Around 30 priests and 500 faithful were present for the joyful occasion.

Bp Tissier based his sermon on the words of the Pontifical, comparing priests to medical doctors, who are given to cure the infirmities of the people of God; and to consoling angels, who give delight to the Church by the order of their life. Click on this link to listen to His Lordship's sermon.

Leading up to the 15th, the weather was hot--rising to 34C (93F)--and the flies were ubiquitous, hovering in swarms on anyone venturing outside, settling on their faces, impervious to swatting and flailing of arms. All of this changed for the day of ordination, however. The weather on the 15th was extraordinarily mild. A heavy body of cloud settled over the seminary campus, cooling temperatures for the entire day to between 12-14C (54-57F), and dropping down periodic showers. The flies--and no doubt the Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub--were nowhere to be seen the entire day. In light of the extraordinary benefit of coolness and flylessness, those in attendance did not mind so much the occasional drizzle or even the fact that the seminary building lost power for the whole of the day due to a line fault in the area that was hard to track. The cool weather continued the next day, as the newly ordained celebrated their First Masses.

For pictures of the events of the 15th and 16th, see our slideshows for ordinations day and for the day of first Masses.
Group photo after Mass

Three new priests: (left to right) Fr Nicholas Stamos of the USA,
Fr Anthony McNamara of Australia, and Fr Erik Ladner of the USA


First Engagements in the SSPX

Four seminarians in the year of spirituality made their first engagements in the Society of St Pius X on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, while five other seminarians renewed their engagements.

The feast day was also the occasion to conclude this years Vocations Crusade by presenting the offerings of the faithful for this intention to Our Lady at the end of the procession preceding the Solemn High Mass.

Group photo after Mass

After Mass, with the four new members of the SSPX in front:
(left to right) Pius Kim of Korea, Ronald Doggett of India, Mikhail DelRosario of New Zealand, and Philip Mujic of Australia

A Procession with Our Lady's statue preceded the Mass. Rector Fr Daniel Themann recites a prayer for vocations before presenting Our Lady with the offerings of the Vocations Crusade.
The four candidates for SSPX membership prepare to pronounce their engagements. Five other seminarians then joined them in order to renew their own engagements.
Each of the new members received a medal of St Pius X. After the ceremony came a detailed initiation into the filling out of the oblation forms.

15 AUGUST 2016

Tonsure and Minor Orders

Bishop Fellay was present at Holy Cross Seminary for the feast of Our Lady's Assumption. Nature presented a beautiful end of winter sunny day outside, while inside, His Lordship inducted four seminarians into the clerical state and one into the Minor Orders of Porter and Lector.

In his sermon, the Bishop pointed out that, by the ordination of God Himself, there are two levels within the Church: the clerical state and the lay state. From the fact that God chose to provide His Church with such a structure, we see that He did not will it to be democractic. On the contrary, the cleric belongs to a superior order in the Church, though he may not, in himself, be better than this or that layman.

Modern churchmen seek to refashion the divinely ordained structure of the Church by making all of its members equal. One of the most recent manifestations of this intent is the push for the ordination of deaconesses. While deaconesses were mentioned in Scripture, it is clear that they were not ordained and they had no role in the conferral of sacraments.

After the Council, the tonsure was eliminated, along with the minor orders. Now, there is no ceremony specifically set aside to bring a lay man into the clerical state. This gives the impression that ordained deacons and priests do not belong to a different order in the Church from the faithful.

The SSPX retains the tonsure, which not only inserts a seminarian into the Church hierarchy, but also brings home to him the two primary duties associated with the clerical state: the duty of teaching and the duty of holiness.

The duty of teaching. By becoming a cleric, a lay man moves from being a member of the ecclesia discens or the part of the Church that is instructed, to becoming a member of the ecclesia docens, or the part of the Church entrusted with the task of teaching the faith. Associated closely with the clerical duty to teach is the duty to study the faith. Bishop Fellay spoke of a doctor who told him that he rose each day at 4 am in order to pass two hours in studying his medical books. If such was the dedication of a doctor of bodies to learn the science of his trade, what should not be the dedication of the cleric in studying the faith in order to save souls? The cleric must study all his life long.

The duty of holiness. Canon Law demands a greater holiness of the cleric than those who are in the lay state. The cleric must be separated from the world, leading a life different from those who are in it. He is set apart.

A slideshow of the ceremony and the day's events is available in our photo album section.

Group Photo after the taking of the cassock
One seminarian, having received Porter and Lector, is flanked by four who received the clerical tonsure. The seminarians are (left to right) Thomas Machado of India, Cyril Alolaya of the Philippines, Martin Anozie of Nigeria, Joseph Manyeki of Kenya, and Daniel Yagan of the Philippines

Fr. Cranshaw, SSPX prior in New Zealand, brought 11 of the secondary students of St Augustine College in Wanganui to Holy Cross Seminary for the ceremonies of the Assumption. Below is a photo of the seminary community with the students in their school uniform.

The seminary community with the students of St Augustine College
The seminary professors are in the front row, with Fr. Cranshaw being seated at the far right.

3 APRIL 2016

Taking of the Cassock

On Low Sunday, four seminarians in the year of spirituality took the cassock at Holy Cross. Each of the seminarians completed the year of Humanities in 2015 and has begun the new academic year of 2016. The four classmates each come from a different countries: Australia, New Zealand, India, and Korea.

Group Photo after the taking of the cassock
The four seminarians in the year of spirituality, newly clothed in clerical habit: (left to right) Pius Kim of Korea, Ronald Doggett of India, Mikhail Del Rosario of New Zealand, and Philip Mujic of Australia

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