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Events of 2009


19 December 2009: Ordinations to the Priesthood -- please see photo album


29 September 2009: Br. Francis makes his first vows as an SSPX brother

Br. Francis professes his vows   Brother ratifies his vows with his signature

Br. Francis with ministers and servers after the ceremony

Br. Francis of India made his first vows on the feast of St. Michael, patron of the SSPX Brothers.

12-13 September 2009: Family weekend 2009

Procession with the statue of Our Lady   People processing behind the statue

Holy Cross Seminary

Praying the Rosary during the procession   Singing of Our Lady's Litany before the statue

Fr. Curtis plays the guitar   The Church sisters play a duet

To kick off the Family Weekend, a Solemn High Mass Mass in honor of the Holy Name of Mary was offered on September 12. It was followed by a procession with a statue of Our Lady. The procession paused at the entrance of the Seminary to sing the Litany of Loreto. After lunch, Fr. Christopher Curtis gave a lecture on the importance of music in raising good families. Following his own performance on the guitar, several others stepped forward to play their favorite instrument.

Fr. Griego blesses the congregation with the relic   Fr. Griego preaches on the Holy Cross

A secular saints jersey   In the mids of the action

The next day, the Seminary celebrated the Solemnity of the Holy Cross with a procession and blessing with the Relic of the True Cross, followed by a Solemn High Mass. In the afternoon, the combined team of major and minor seminarians defeated the Secular Saints 2-0 in the annual soccer match.


15 August 2009: Ordinations to the Minor Orders, Reception of the Clerical Tonsure and the Cassock
please see photo album

JULY 2009

1 July 2009: First Engagements into the SSPX

The three new members of the SSPX pose with Fr. Griego

Making Engagements into the SSPX  
The newly engaged signed the forms
Three seminarians made their first engagements into the SSPX on the feast of the Precious Blood, July 1.

APRIL 2009

April 2009: Beginning of Academic Year

The Holy Cross Community at the beginning of the academic year
The entire community assembled for a group photo at the beginning of the academic year.

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