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Events of 2010


The feast of the Immaculate Conception is the day chosen by Archbishop Lefebvre for the engagements of members into the Society of St. Pius X.
This year, two seminarians renewed their engagement, while Seminary professor Fr. Christoph Pfluger made his perpetual engagement into the SSPX.
After the Solemn High Mass, in order to bring the three month Vocations Crusade to a fitting close, Fr. Griego blessed a crown and then crowned a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. This was followed by a procession around the Seminary. The Crusade was dedicated to Our Lady and so, at the end, all of the many prayers, sacrifices, and good works sent in to the Seminary from around the world were given to Our Lady, in order that She may present them to Her Son and obtain a rich harvest of vocations for Holy Cross and the SSPX.

Making the engagement
Blessing the crown
The bier before the procession
Procession with the statue
(top left) Seminarians Marlowe Domdom (left) and Pius Nanthambwe renew their engagements in the Society of St. Pius X.
(top right) Fr. Griego blesses the crown to be placed on the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.
(bottom left) Holy Cross' team of sacristans and the abundant spring rainfall made this beautiful bier possible.
(bottom right) Seminarians and faithful make their way around the Seminary singing hymns to Our Lady.

Tour of the school
The bier before the procession
Procession with the statue
(top left) Four seminarians carried the heavy bier.
(top right) Fr. Christoph Pfluger, now a perpetually engaged member, signs the official papers.
(bottom left) Australian priest Fr. Damien Carlile visited the Seminary for the special day, and joined in a photo with the African seminarians, whose District Secretary he is.
(bottom right) Fr. Pfluger receives Fr. Griego's congratulations.


At the end of October, the Seminary traveled to Tynong on a mission to recruit vocations. The activities of the three day weekend included Solemn High Masses, Benedictions, a conference on vocations, a sausage sizzle with the faithful, and a breakfast with the secondary boys. May God grant many fruits from the seeds planted!

Fr. Griego gives benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
Fr. Griego speaks to the faithful
Tour of the school
(top left) Fr. Griego gives Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament on Saturday evening.
(top right) Fr. Griego speaks to the faithful about the need for holy families to produce priestly vocations.
(bottom left) Prior Fr. Delsorte explains (in drizzly weather) the current projects at St. Thomas Aquinas College.
(bottom right) The seminarians visit one of the College classrooms.

15 AUGUST 2010

On the feast of the Assumption, His Lordship Alfonso de Galarreta conferred the clerical tonsure and minor orders at Holy Cross Seminary. View a slideshow of the ceremony.

JULY 2010

11 July 2010: Taking of the Cassock & First Engagements

On 11 July, two seminarians in the second year, Marlowe Domdom of the Philippines and Guy Bevan of Great Britain, made their first engagements into the Society of St. Pius X. Four seminarians in the first year -- Sunday Ojugbeli of Nigeria, William Salac of the Philippines, Joseph Ockerse and Marcel Ockerse of Australia -- took the cassock.

Group photo after the ceremony
Four new cassocks: (l to r) Joseph Ockerse, William Salac, Sunday Ojugbeli, Marcel Ockerse
Behind the cassocks, in center, two new members of the SSPX: (l) Guy Bevan and (r) Marlowe Domdom

Before the taking of the cassock
Two seminarians make their engagement
Candle offering
Four new cassocks
(top left) The Ockerse cousins wore their Knights of Our Lady uniforms for the taking of the cassock ceremony.
(top right) Two second-year seminarians make their first engagements into the SSPX.
(bottom left) Sunday Ojugbeli offers his candle to Fr. Rector just before the Offertory.
(bottom right) The four first year seminarians newly vested in clerical attire.

The return procession after taking the cassock
Signing the engagement forms
Candle offering
The two new members
(top left) The four first years return to the chapel after putting on their new cassocks.
(top right) The papers are signed for the engagements into the Society.
(bottom left) Br. Joseph snaps a few photos of the document signing.
(bottom right) Two new members of the SSPX.

MAY 2010

To see a slideshow of pictures taken around the Seminary, click here.

MARCH 2010

March 2010: Beginning of Academic Year

The Holy Cross Community at the beginning of the academic year
The entire community assembled for a group photo at the beginning of the academic year.

New construction on the Seminary
Current construction
New construction on the Seminary
Current construction
New construction has commenced at the Seminary to allow the faithful
to enter the chapel without passing through the Seminary.
This will help keep the atmosphere of the cloister needed to foster recollection in a seminary environment.

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