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Events of 2011


8 December 2011: Ceremony of the Tonsure

The Feast of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception is the day established by Archbishop Lefebvre for establishing or renewing membership in the Society of St. Pius X. This year at Holy Cross, two of the Seminary's priest professors, Fr. Paul Robinson and Fr. Christopher Curtis, made their engagements for life in the SSPX. Four seminarians also made their first one-year engagement. And finally, adding to the joy of the occasion, first year seminarian Anthony McNamara received the cassock on this day.

Preparation for reception
The pronouncement of perpetual engagement
December 8 group photo
(top left) Anthony McNamara kneels to have his cassock blessed.
(top right) Frs. Paul Robinson and Christopher Curtis pronounce their perpetual engagements in the SSPX.
(bottom left) The newly-cassocked seminarian poses with the newly-engaged after the ceremony.
(bottom right) The four seminarians who made their first one-year engagement with Anthony McNamara.


HCS Volleyball Tournament

Taking advantage of a sunny November, seminarians streamed out onto the volleyball patch for several weeks to engage in an intense competition.

Net conflict
Setting the ball
Serving the ball
The winning team
(top left) A conflict at the net!
(top right) William Salac sets the ball for a spike.
(bottom left) Facing ultraviolet rays and the opposing team, Joseph Sloane serves the ball while Luc Rey gets ready for the return.
(bottom right) The winning team is all grins after their victory.


30 October 2011: Feast of Christ the King

Two of the Seminary professors and all of the seminarians traveled to Brisbane for the Feast of Christ the King. Over the weekend, the presence of the seminarians gave a concrete example of the pursuit of a vocation to the youth and encouragement to the faithful. The weekend included several liturgical ceremonies, such as a Solemn High Mass, a procession with the Blessed Sacrament, and Vespers.

Preparation for reception
Marcel Ockerse is tonsured
Preparation for reception of the surplice
The bishop pronounces the final prayer
(top left) The seminarians and priests sing Vespers in choir.
(top right) Fr. Pepping presided at Vespers.
(bottom left) The seminarians surround the Blessed Sacrament and are followed by the mens' schola of the parish.
(bottom right) After the ceremonies, the faithful prepared a fantastic outdoor luncheon for the priests and seminarians.


15 August 2011: Ceremony of the Tonsure

On the Feast of Our Lady's Assumption into Heaven, three seminarians entered into the clerical state by receiving the tonsure at the hands of His Lordship Alfonso de Galarreta.

Group photo after the ceremony
Three new clerics of the SSPX: (l to r) William Salac, Joseph Ockerse and Marcel Ockerse

Preparation for reception
Marcel Ockerse is tonsured
Preparation for reception of the surplice
The bishop pronounces the final prayer
(top left) The tonsurandi listen to the initial admonition of the Bishop
(top right) Marcel Ockerse has his hair cut in the form of a cross.
(bottom left) His Lordship places a linen gremial on his lap in preparation for the conferral of the tonsure.
(bottom right) Bishop de Galarreta pronounces the final prayer before the ordinands are dismissed.

JULY 2011

1 July 2011: Taking of the Cassock & First Engagements

On 1 July, Feast of the Sacred Heart in 2011, four seminarians in the second year, Sunday Ojugbeli of Nigeria, William Salac of the Philippines, Joseph Ockerse and Marcel Ockerse of Australia, made their first engagements into the Society of St. Pius X. Two seminarians in the first year -- Francis Mbadugha of Nigeria and Nicholas Stamos of the USA -- took the cassock.

Group photo after the ceremony
Two new cassocks: Francis Mbadugha and Nicholas Stamos
Behind the cassocks, four new members of the SSPX: (l to r) Sunday Ojugbeli, William Salac, Marcel Ockerse and Joseph Ockerse

Entering after the taking of the cassock
Four seminarians make their engagement
Blessing of the medals
Fr. Griego blesses the medals
Candle offering
Fr. Griego blesses the medals
(top left) Re-entering the chapel after putting on the cassock
(top right) Four seminarians prepare to make their first engagements into the SSPX.
(middle left) Rector Fr. Griego blesses the medals of St. Pius X that each of the new members of the SSPX are to receive.
(middle right) Marcel Ockerse receives his medal.
(bottom left) Nicholas Stamos offers his candle to Fr. Rector at the Offertory.
(bottom right) The four second year seminarians pronounce their engagement into the SSPX before the Blessed Sacrament.

APRIL 2011

April 2011: Beginning of Academic Year

The academic year started in March with a retreat for returning seminarians preached by Fr. Matthew Clifton, who is stationed in London.
Meanwhile, Fr. Jules Bélisle came up from Melbourne to preach an Ignatian retreat for the new seminarians the following week.
Since then, classes have been in full force, along with the daily routine of spiritual formation that takes place at Holy Cross.

The Holy Cross Community at the beginning of the academic year
The Holy Cross community ‐ priests, brothers, major seminarians and minor seminarians ‐ gathered in front of Our Lady's grotto for a photo at the beginning of the academic year. Five new faces are present in the picture and the community: 2 Americans, 1 Australian, 1 Kenyan, and 1 Indian.

Retreat for entering seminarians
Heading into the forest primeval
(left) After having led the entering seminarians through the Ignatian Exercises,
Fr. Jules Bélisle poses with the retreatants before heading off to his mission circuit.
(right) The Seminary headed off into the forest primeval for their first hike of the year at the end of March.
Rainbow lorikeets at Batesman's Bay
Br Francis meets a lorikeet
Br. Francis (right) and second year seminarian William Salac (left) make quick friends with some rainbow lorikeets during an outing to Batesman's Bay after Easter, while Br. Patrick and first year seminarian Francis Mbadugha look on.


Hands have not been idle at the Seminary during the summer holidays!
For a picture presentation of the progress of summer construction projects, see the Construction 2011 page.

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