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Events of 2012


Feast of the Immaculate Conception

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception closed out the Seminary's second Vocations Crusade. Prior to the Solemn High Mass, there was a procession with a magnificently prepared bier for Our Lady's statue. Everyone halted in front of the Seminary's entrance, where Fr. Griego presented the offerings of the Crusade to Our Lady, and the community sang a Salve Regina. Directly after the sermon of the Mass, six seminarians renewed their engagements into the Society of St. Pius X.
Procession with bier
Halting in front of entrance
Renewal of Engagements
Picture after ceremony

Completion of Sewer Project

The sewer project is now complete and operational. Deo gratias!
Procession with bier
Halting in front of entrance
Renewal of Engagements
PIcture after ceremony
The picture in the upper right corner shows the older sewer system to the right. The picture in the lower left shows the complete new system and also the smoothed over ground after the removal of the old system.


New Sewer System

Thanks to generous donations made to the Seminary's building fund, we have been able to commence the overhaul of Holy Cross' septic tank and sewer system. Over $34000 of the $140000 needed has been received.
Excavation 1
Excavation 2
Excavation 3
Putting the tank in place
In preparation for putting the tanks in place, an excavator dug out an appropriately sized hole.
Then a crane was able to insert the tanks.

28 OCTOBER 2012

Feast of Christ the King

The feast of Christ the King fell on 28 October, a beautiful day at Holy Cross. Following a Solemn High Mass, there was a procession of the Blessed Sacrament to the Cemetery chapel, and then back to the main chapel. In the afternoon, priests, seminarians, brothers, and faithful assembled under the shade of an oak tree for a church picnic.

The faithful in procession
The Cemetery chapel in readiness
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament


Monthly Hike & Basketball Tournament

Taking a break
More resting
Ready for drive
To the hoop
(top) Seminarians took a break after conquering Corang Peak, a heap of rock protruding itself into the landscape, but vantaging its victor with a wonderful view.
((bottom) Back at the Seminary, there was smoking rubber on the basketball court during the yearly tournament.

15 AUGUST 2012

On the feast of the Assumption, His Lordship Bernard Fellay conferred the clerical tonsure and the minor orders of Porter and Lector at Holy Cross Seminary. Three seminarians received the first minor orders: William Salac of the Philippines, and Joseph and Marcel Ockerse of Australia. Three also received the clerical tonsure: Francis Mbadugha of Nigeria, Anthony McNamara of Australia, and Nicholas Stamos of the USA.

View a slideshow of the ceremony.

JULY 2012

11 July 2012: Monthly Hike

In July, seminarians embarked on a 13 km hike on the outskirts of Canberra. They passed through a beautiful and varied terrain: forest, river, and prairie. In the afternoon, they stopped at Mt. Stromlo Observatory.

Hike photo op
Two more hikers
On the trail
At Mt. Stromlo

1 July 2012: Br. Peter's 80th Birthday

The feast of the Precious Blood this year called for an extra celebration: it was the day of Br. Peter's 80th birthday and the 6th anniversary of Fr. Christoph Pfluger's ordination to the priesthood. A Solemn High Mass was celebrated in the morning, then the birthday celebrations commenced at lunch.

Blowing out the candles
Cutting the cake
Reading the card
The Presentation of the Toblerone
Br. Peter blows out the candles, cuts the birthday cake, and reads his card, while Fr. Pfluger is presented with some Swiss chocolate.

JUNE 2012

3 June 2012: Engagements into the Society & the Taking of the Cassock

On Trinity Sunday, 3 June, at a Solemn High Mass celebrated by Seminary Rector Rev. Fr. Vicente Griego, three seminarians of the second year made their first engagements into the Society of St. Pius X, while two seminarians of the first year received the cassock.

It is necessary that a seminarian be a member of a religious family before he enters the clerical state. At Holy Cross, the Tonsure ceremony which makes one a cleric normally takes place on 15 August. Thus, seminarians of the second year who are to receive the tonsure engage themselves as members of the SSPX a few months before the ceremony. Meanwhile, seminarians of the first year indicate their will to pursue the priesthood by adopting clerical garb.

The Holy Cross Community at the beginning of the academic year
In this group photo after the ceremony, seminarians John Mwangi of Kenya (left) and Brendan Fitzhenry of the USA have received the cassock, while the three seminarians behind them, (left to right) Anthony McNamara of Australia, Francis Mbadugha of Nigeria, and Nicholas Stamos of the USA, have made their first engagements.

Preparing to take the cassock
Just before the seminarians make their engagement
The signing of the engagement papers
Soccer match after the ceremony
(top left) John Mwangi and Brendan Fitzhenry have their cassocks blessed before donning them.
(top right) Fr. Griego reads the admonition to the seminarians about to make their engagements.
(bottom left) The three new members of the Society of St. Pius X sign their papers.
(bottom right) A shot of the action during the Sunday afternoon soccer match on the day of the ceremony.

28 May 2012: Hike at Majors Creek

On Pentecost Monday, the seminary community set out in the direction of Braidwood for a morning of hiking and an afternoon of soccer, with a tasty intermission of cooked sausages provided by Brother Patrick.

Preparing to take the cassock
Just before the seminarians make their engagement
The signing of the engagement papers
Soccer match after the ceremony
(top left) Br. Patrick watches over the simmering sausages.
(top right) Some hikers get started with some chips while they wait for the stragglers to arrive.
(bottom left) Filipinos William Salac (behind) and Br. Matthias during lunch.
(bottom right) The soccer field awaits in the background while lunch is under way.

APRIL 2012

Taking a few days' holiday after Easter, seminarians headed to the house of some generous parishioners on Easter Monday and took part in a frenetic lolly hunt; then, on Tuesday, they took at hike at scenic Jervis Bay.
Blessing at end of womens retreat
Lolly hunt
At Jervis Bay
Lolly hunt
(top left) A stunning rainbow showed up at Holy Cross after Vespers on Palm Sunday.
(top and bottom right) Off to the races for the lolly hunt.
(bottom left) Enjoying the scenery at Jervis Bay.

MARCH 2012

March 2012: Beginning of Academic Year

The academic year started in March with two retreats, one for the returning seminarians and one for the new seminarians. Both retreats were preached by First Assistant Fr. Niklaus Pfluger, who generously gave two weeks of his valuable time to Holy Cross.

On the very last day of March, the Seminary sadly waved goodbye to Br. Francis, who has been formed as a religious brother at Holy Cross for the past four years. He has now taken up his new assignment at the Priory of the Most Holy Trinity in his native country of India.

The Holy Cross Community at the beginning of the academic year
The Holy Cross community ‐ priests, brothers, lay teachers, and seminarians ‐ sit down in front of the Holy Cross entrance with Fr. Niklaus Pfluger for a community photo. This year, the Seminary welcomes Fr. Samuel Abah from Nigeria, along with six new seminarians: three Australians, one New Zealander, one Nigerian, and one Indian.

Professors take the Anti-Modernist Oath
Br. Francis gets a final blessing from Fr. Griego
A last photo with Br. Francis
Br Francis
(top left) The Seminary professors take the anti-Modernist Oath at the beginning of the academic year.
(top right) Fr. Griego gives Br. Francis a last blessing before his departure.
(bottom left) A final group photo before Br. Francis leaves.


The Seminary's summer was punctuated by such varied events as Ignatian retreats, flooding rains, road repairs, and a boys' camp.
Blessing at end of womens retreat
Mulwaree flooding
A last photo with Br. Francis
Br Francis
(top left) Fr. Griego gives a blessing at the end of the womens' Ignatian Retreat at the end of January.
(top right) A view from the Seminary of the flooding of the Mulwaree River.
(bottom left) The 10 inches of rain that Goulburn received in a week made their mark on the Seminary's driveway, necessitating some foundational repairs.
(bottom right) A group photo from the 2012 boys' camp near Brisbane.

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