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Events of 2014

18 DECEMBER 2014

Ordination to the Diaconate

On a bright sunny day in Goulburn, Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta gave joy to 22 priests, 19 nuns, and numerous faithful assembled at the Seminary by ordaining for Holy Mother Church two Australian deacons, who have received their entire formation at Holy Cross Seminary. The last ordination to the diaconate on the premises was back in 2008. For a more extensive view of the event, see this slideshow of 27 pictures.

Group photo


Brothers' Vows

The feast of St. Michael is the day appointed by Archbishop Lefebvre for the taking and renewing of vows for the religious brothers of the Society of St. Pius X. This year at Holy Cross, two brothers of the SSPX made their renewals following a week long retreat preached by Fr. Timothy Pfeiffer, SSPX. One was Br. Matthias, who is stationed here at Holy Cross Seminary, and the other was Br. Vincent, who is stationed in New Zealand. Both hail from the Philippines

The act of renewal
Group photo after the ceremony
A possible goal
Filipinos with Fr Pfeiffer

(top row) The two brothers renew their vows during Mass, before posing for a photo with Br. Bartholomew in their midst.
(bottom row) [left] Br. Vincent signs copies of his oblation.
[right] Fr. Timothy Pfeiffer appears here flanked by the two Filipino brothers stationed at Holy Cross (Br. Matthias on his right and Br. Patrick on his left), and two Filipino seminarians in the year of Humanities.


A String of Ordinations

Two Pontifical Masses in as many days were celebrated at Holy Cross by Bishop Bernard Fellay. On the feast of the Assumption,  His Lordship ordained two subdeacons and inducted three seminarians into the clerical state. The following day, the feast of the father of Our Lady, he ordained three exorcist/acolytes and one porter/lector. A slideshow of thirty pictures of these two ceremonies is now available.

After the ceremony on the feast of the Assumption Bishop Fellay with the recipients of minor orders
Subdeaconate and Tonsure Candidates (left to right)
  • Tonsure (in front) ? Patrick Kennedy of Australia; Edward Campbell of the USA; Martin Anozie of Nigeria
  • Subdeacons ? Rev. Mr. Joseph Ockerse and Rev. Mr. Marcel Ockerse of Australia
Recipients of Minor Orders (left to right)
  • Exorcist/Acolyte ? Nicholas Stamos and Erik Ladner of the USA; Anthony McNamara of Australia
  • Porter/Lector ? John Mwangi of Kenya

JUNE 2014

Majors Creek Hike

The Seminary went on an excursion to Majors Creek on 25 June. After a 14 km hike in the morning, they had lunch and enjoyed an afternoon of soccer.

Gravy train
A possible goal
A leg cramp

(top row) Hungry seminarians get in line for the best from Br. Patrick's barbie, and then relax after the meal.
(bottom row) [left] In the midst of the action, the offense converges on the net for a possible goal.
[right] But hiking in the morning and running in the afternoon can lead to leg cramps!

MARCH 2014

Beginning of Academic Year

Fr. Fabrice Loschi arrived in Goulburn at the beginning of March to prepare the seminarians for their upcoming academic school year. During the week of 2-8 March, he gave a series of conferences on Our Lady to nine seminarians and one priest. The following week, he preached an Ignatian retreat to 12 seminarians, four of whom will be entering the year of Spirituality, and eight the year of Humanities. Below you will find a photo of the complete community with Fr. Loschi (seated in white cassock).

Community photo 2014


Summer Maintenance Projects

Two major projects were slated for February of 2014: the replacement of the Seminary's outdated and unsafe switchboard, and the painting of several walls that were scarred from the repairing of their cracks. Thanks to the generosity of benefactors and a crew of men who came up from Tynong to paint, these two projects were successfully completed. The top row of pictures shows the refectory in readiness for painting, and then it being applied. The second row shows the ditch that had to be dug to lay down a new set of electrical cables that would lead to the new switchboard, which is being installed on the right.

The refectory ready to be painted
The painting in progress
Laying down wire for the new switchboard
Installing the switchboard

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