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Events of 2015

17-18 DECEMBER 2015

Ordinations to the Priesthood and Diaconate

On 17 December, Bishop Bernard Fellay ordained two priests and three deacons at Holy Cross. This was the first priestly ordination held at Holy Cross since 2009. There were present for the occasion approximately 30 priests, 25 nuns, and 400 faithful. The following day, the two new priests celebrated their First Masses in the ordination tent. Many pictures of these two joyous days may be viewed in the slideshow for the day of ordination and the one for the day of First Masses.

Group Photo after the Ordination ceremony
Frs. Joseph and Marcel Ockerse, first cousins, both of Australia, were ordained to the priesthood. Rev. Mr. Anthony McNamara of Australia, and Rev. Mssrs. Nicholas Stamos and Erik Ladner, both of the USA, were ordained to the diaconate.


First Engagement to the Society

On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, five First-Year Seminarians made their first engagement into the Society of St. Pius X, while seven others renewed their engagements.


Ordinations to the Subdeaconate, Minor Orders, and Clerical Tonsure String of Ordinations

On the Vigil of the Assumption, His Lordship Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta ordained two seminarians to the Minor Orders, and inducted one seminarian into the clerical state. The following day, the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, he ordained three subdeacons. A slideshow of twenty pictures of these two ceremonies is now available.

Minor Orders and Tonsure Candidates
(left to right)
  • Tonsure: Amalan Gnanaraj of India
  • Porter/Lector: Edward Campbell of the USA
  • Exorcist/Acolyte: John Mwangi of Kenya
Recipients of Subdeaconate (front: left to right)

Erik Ladner of the USA, Anthony McNamara of Australia, Nicholas Stamos of the USA

1 JULY 2015

First Engagement to the Society

On the Feast of the Most Precious Blood, second year seminarian Amalan Gnanaraj of India made his first engagement into the Society of St. Pius X. This engagement into a religious family is a necessary pre-requisite for the reception of the clerical tonsure, which ceremony is scheduled for 14 August this year.

Cassock 2015
   Amalan Gnanaraj of India (middle) holding the Statues of the Society

24  JUNE 2015

20th Anniversary of Priesthood for Father Griego

Fr. Vicente Griego reached 20 years of priesthood on the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.On the day of the anniversary, he was assisted by seminary professors Fr. Paul Robinson and Fr. Christoph Pfluger in the celebration of a Solemn High Mass. The Sunday preceding, seminarians and faithful presented Father with a spiritual bouquet and a pyx engraved to commemorate the anniversary.

Fr. Griego took up his first assignment as a priest with the Society of St. Pius X in Manila, Philippines, in 1995. After a year there, he was assigned as prior of Durban, South Africa, where he remained for two years, before being re-assigned to Manila, this time as prior. His second stay at Manila was a bit longer -- five years -- but then the phone rang again with a call from the superior. He was to take up a new post as headmaster of St. Mary's Academy and College in Saint Marys, Kansas. That assignment also lasted five years, as Father was there from 2003-2008. Next came his current assignment as Rector of Holy Cross Seminary here in Australia, a post that Fr. Griego has held for seven years.

In August, Father is to report to his new nomination as superior of the autonomous house of the SSPX in Dublin, Ireland. By taking up residence in Europe, Father will have served as a priest of the SSPX in five continents (Asia, Africa, North America, Australia, and Europe!).

Group photo after Mass

After the Solemn High Mass on the Feast of St. John the Baptist      

The Chanting of the Collect During the Mass Father performs the ceremonial cutting of the cake
The Sisters of the SSPX stationed in Rockdale were present at the Seminary for Father's celebration A cake which commemorates Father's two decades as a priest and hints of his new assignment to Ireland

20 MAY 2015

Hike with Father Niklaus Pluger

The First Assistant of the SSPX, Fr. Niklaus Pfluger, spent a week at Holy Cross at the end of May. On Wednesday, 20 May, he joined the community for their monthly outing, which took them to Lake Alexandra in Mittagong.

May Hike May Hike
The lunch site featured a lake with a fountain
Waiting for the stragglers...
May Hike May Hike
Back on the trail
A pause for a group photo from on high

29  APRIL 2015

Hike to Kangaroo Falls

April Hike April Hike
O "Happy" Fall   Looking at the Fall from another angle
April Hike April Hike
Lost somewhere in the bush, but all are happy Kangaroo Valley

12 APRIL 2015

Taking of the Cassock

On Quasimodo Sunday at Holy Cross, seven first year seminarians took received the clerical habit: 2 Filipinos, 1 Kenyan, 1 Ugandan, 1 Indian, 1 American, and 1 Australian.

Cassock 2015

From left to right (front row): Michael Zach of the United States, Daniel Yagan of the Philippines, Cyril Alolaya of the Philippines, Thomas Machado of India, (back row) Joseph Manyeki of Kenya, Vincent Van Strijp of Australia, and Jude Muhereza of Yuganda       

Cassock 2015 Cassock 2015
   Receiving the Blessing of Cassocks Procession after donning the Cassock
Cassock 2015 Cassock 2015
Final Procession after Mass Banquet after the ceremony

24 MARCH 2015

Beginning of Academic Year

The Seminary's academic year started with a Marian retreat preached by Fr. Karl Stehlin, District Superior of Asia, for the returning seminarians. A second retreat was to be held the following week for new seminarians and those who completed the Humanities year in 2014. However, Australian Immigration moved very slowly this year, and no visas had been granted for our overseas candidates by the beginning of March, even though some applications had been lodged back in October. After many prayers, however, 5 applications were approved on Friday, March 6. Our candidates immediately booked their flights and arrived by the following Saturday, March 14, so that they could commence their retreat a week late on the 16th.

The community now counts 5 priests, 4 brothers, 23 seminarians, and 1 brother postulant. Please pray for the perseverance of all of these candidates. For DICI's report on the opening of the academic year, see here.

Community photo 2015


Summer Projects

The major project for the summer was the construction of a new shed for the storage of our wood for the winter. The former sheds were in such disrepair that they were ready to collapse. Thanks to the support of our benefactors, the new and ample shed is in place. On the left, you can see the state of our old sheds, and on the right the new structure. Br. Joseph, Br. Matthias, and some seminarians constructed a brick retaining wall behind the new shed before it went up.

Thank you for your generosity for making this project a success!

Our former wood sheds
The new wood shed
Seminarians work on the retaining wall
Br. Joseph does some brick work

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