Holy Cross Seminary
  Ordinations to the Diaconate: 18 December 2014

The two subdeacons enter the chapel carrying the livery in which they are to be invested. The bishop processes in accompanied by four assistants called capellani. Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta traveled to Holy Cross for the ceremony. In his sermon, he spoke about the triple service to which the deacon is called: that of the altar, that of the faith, and that of the Church. All is in readiness for the calling of the candidates to the altar. The Rector of Holy Cross Seminary, Fr. Vicente Griego, summons the two candidates. The future deacons lie prostrate while the assembled clergy and faithful chant the Litany of the Saints on their behalf. Near the end of the litany, the bishop rises and pronounces on his own a triple benediction over the ordinands. Further preliminary prayers and blessings are uttered before the ordination itself. A single imposition of the right hand makes up the matter of the sacrament of the diaconate. While imposing his hand, the ordaining bishop pronounces the form of the sacrament over the candidate. After they have been ordained, the candidates are invested in the livery of the deacon: the stole and the dalmatic. Here the stole is placed over the left shoulder of the new deacon, while the dalmatic is readied for investiture. The ceremonies complete, the deacons return to their places. The ordaining bishop gives Communion to the newly ordained. The final blessing at the end of Mass The ceremony complete, the extensive entourage of the bishop adjourns to the Seminary entrance. The summer sun beats down on rows of beaming faces. Another angle confirms the previous caption. Rev. Mssrs. Joseph and Marcel Ockerse retire to the shade of the massive pine tree on the Seminarys front lawn. The family of Rev. Mr. Joseph Ockerse, with the exception of one sister Rev. Mr. Marcel Ockerse with his father, mother, brother, and two of his seven sisters An extended family photo Bishop de Galarreta presides at the banquet following the ceremony. Twenty-three priests were present at the Seminary for the occasion. Six Sisters of the SSPX and thirteen Dominican nuns were also present. To better view this photo, cock your head 45 degrees anti-clockwise.

Holy Cross Seminary, Goulburn, Australia