Holy Cross Seminary
  First Masses of Newly Ordained Priests: 18 December 2015

Fr. Joseph Ockerse recites the Confiteor at the beginning of his First Mass. Fr. Joseph recites the Collect for the Ember Friday in Advent. Fr. Loren Gerspacher was Fr. Ockerses assistant priest. Fr. J. Ockerse elevates the Host for the first time. Father gives Holy Communion to his own father. The Last Blessing of a First Mass After the Mass, Fr. Joseph has a photo with Bishop Fellay and his large family. Father's parents are very happy to have a priest in the family. Father Marcel celebrated a First Mass the same day, with Father Joseph serving as deacon. Fr. Marcel sings the Collect for the Ember Friday in Advent. Rev. Mr. Anthony McNamara sings the Epistle from Isaias. Seminary professor Fr. Paul Robinson was Fr. Marcel's spiritual director and assisted him at his First Mass. Father elevates the chalice for the first time. Father distributes Communion with the assistance of his cousin and fellow priest. At the conclusion of the First Mass, all squints and smiles... Another group photo in the Sacred Heart courtyard Father Marcel with his proud parents

Holy Cross Seminary, Goulburn, Australia