Holy Cross Seminary
  First Masses of Newly Ordained Priests: 16 December 2016

Fr Nicholas Stamos celebrated his first Mass at 7:30 am in the ordination tent, with Fr Christoph Pfluger assisting him. Fr Stamos elevates the chalice for the first time. Fr Stamos pronounces the Misereatur over his brothers, serving his First Mass. Fr Damien Fox preached the sermon at the First Mass of Fr Erik Ladner, celebrated in the seminary chapel at 8:15 am. Fr Ladner pronounces a Dominus Vobiscum. Fr Ladner was assisted at his First Mass by Fr Yves le Roux, Rector of St Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Virginia. Fr Ladner prepares to distribute Holy Communion. The last blessing of a First Mass Fr Anthony McNamara celebrated a Solemn High Mass in the ordination tent at 10 am, with his classmates assisting him as deacon and subdeacon. Fr Ladner sings the Epistle for the Mass of Ember Friday in Advent. Fr Paul Robinson, assisting Fr McNamara at the First Mass, emphasises a point during his sermon. The three new priests listen to his words. The incense of the First Mass rises upwards as a sweet odour of homage to God. Fr McNamara prays for his special intentions during the Memento of the Living. The Hanc Igitur The Elevation of the Host Fr McNamara pronounces the Domine Non Sum Dignus. Another Last Blessing of a First Mass With the rain still pouring down outside, the participants of the Mass pose with Bp Tissier and Rector Fr Themann inside the ordination tent. Fr Robinson with his three newly-ordained diriges Three new priests forever A group photo in front of the temporary altar in the ordination tent

Holy Cross Seminary, Goulburn, Australia