Holy Cross Seminary Community Hikes
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Br. Joseph getting the seminary down the road to their latest hike destination... Meanwhile, the passengers ready themselves spiritually and mentally for the day’s experience. Did we take a wrong turn? At a stopoff point, a letter is sent by air mail. A beautiful Australian view The hike progresses under a massive girder of the Hume Highway. Seminarians form multiple huddles in the hopes of figuring out the straight and narrow path. One of the post-lunch soccer matches that traditionally take place on the Seminary’s outings. Seminarians obtained a better view of the surrounding countryside by swarming the observatory tower. Fr. Johannes Grun pauses to take in the landscape. These seminarians found it safer on terra firma. The famous Wombeyan Caves is a favourite destination for Seminary outings. A stop during the tour of the cave presents a Kodak moment. Australia has a variety of gum tree forests waiting for exploration. The carefully planned route presents natural beauties. Another favourite destination, this time on the coast: Batesman’s Bay Refueling at lunchtime is an integral stage of the day’s outing. On this occasion, the kitchen was well prepared with cold meats and an assortment of condiments. There’s a crab in there! A seminarian is surrounded by green marine life. Heading out to greet the Pacific Ocean The uneven erosion of the pounding surf presents an interesting obstacle course for the seminary explorers. The Pacific can come after you! Whoa!! But the ocean can also be commanded...

Holy Cross Seminary, Goulburn, Australia