Holy Cross Seminary
  Tonsure and Minor Orders: 15 August 2013

Assistant Priest and Rector of Holy Cross, Fr. Griego, summons the ordinands. Mr. John Mwangi of Kenya prepares to receive the clerical tonsure. The hair of the candidate is clipped in the form of a cross to symbolise his separation from the world. The candidate is invested with the surplice, the special garb of the clergy. His Lordship pronounces a prayer over the candidate. Nicholas Stamos of the USA (left) and Anthony McNamara of Australia listen to the admonition of the bishop before the reception of the orders of Porter and Lector. The two candidates accompany the Assistant Priest to the back of the chapel to open and shut the chapel doors and ring the chapel bell. Marcel (left) and Joseph Ockerse, first cousins, both from Australia, listen to the admonition of the bishop before receiving the orders of Exorcist and Acolyte. Acolytes receive the power to carry the light at liturgical ceremonies. They also receive the power to bring to the altar the water and wine to be used in the sacrifice. His Lordship Tissier de Mallerais blesses the newly ordained. The singing of the Collect, with District Superior of Australia Fr. John Fullerton looking on... Fr. Christoph Pfluger, professor at Holy Cross, conducts the Gregorian Chant for the ceremony. Fr. Thomas Asher, newly stationed at Holy Cross, incenses the Gospel at the far left, while all in attendance prepare to hear it sung. Thurifer Kolbe Hungerford-Morgan leads the recession out to the front entrance of the Seminary, after the ceremony. The ministers and ordinands pose with His Lordship after the ceremony All four minor orders were last conferred at Holy Cross in 2010. The head table at the banquet following the ceremony. Anthony McNamara and his family celebrate his reception of the orders of Porter and Lector. The guests in attendance included a group of servers brought up from the Sydney chapel by its prior, Fr. Sayed Elias... ...whose birthday falls on 15 August. Rev. Fr. Nély, Second Assistant to Bishop Fellay, watches as Fr. Elias prepares to share his cake. After the meal, Fr. Griego thanked the many people involved in the ceremonies, and encouraged the families to foster vocations.

Holy Cross Seminary, Goulburn, Australia