Holy Cross Seminary
  The Clerical Tonsure and Minor Orders 15 August 2016

Fr. John Fullerton, District Superior of Australia, prepares to serve as the first Assistant Deacon at the Pontifical Mass. The four seminarians to be tonsured and the one to receive Porter and Lector await with their lighted candles for the beginning of the ceremony. The entrance procession begins, with Rev. Mr. McNamara, serving as thurifer, in the lead. The four seminarians serving as the Bishops capellani listen attentively to his sermon. After having been summoned by the Assistant Priest, the four seminarians to be tonsured listened to the admonition of the bishop. Mr. Daniel Yagan of the Philippines receives the tonsure. Cyril Alolaya, also of the Philippines, enters the clerical ranks. The next tonsurandus was Mr. Joseph Manyeki of Kenya. The fourth of the class to receive tonsure on the Feast of the Assumption 2016 was Mr. Thomas Machado of India. After having been tonsured, the new clerics wait in readiness to be invested in the surplice. Having been invested in the surplice, Mr. Daniel Yagan is presented a crucifix by the presiding bishop. Then follows the Pax or Kiss of Peace. Martin Anozie of Nigeria presents himself as the single candidate for the Minor Orders of Porter and Lector. The bishop pronounces the form for the order of lector, while placing his right hand over the right hand of the ordinand, who is touching a ritual. The ceremony complete, everyone smiles in the presence of a warm winter sun. The four receiving tonsure and the one minor orders pose in front of the statue in the Sacred Heart courtyard. A dozen boys from the SSPXs St. Augustine College in New Zealand were present for the ceremony, in their sharp school uniforms. Rev. Mr. McNamara and Br. Benedict prepare one of the key elements for the post-ceremony banquet, percolated coffee. Seminarian Mikhail Del Rosario wonders if wearing differently coloured gloves will really make the work go faster. Since Joseph Manyekis family could not make it all the way from Kenya, he invited parishioners to celebrate with him. Thomas Machado did the same. Mr. Daniel Yagan invited some Filipino friends from the SSPX chapel in Sydney.

Holy Cross Seminary, Goulburn, Australia