Holy Cross Seminary
  Ordinations to the Subdeaconate, Minor Orders, and Clerical Tonsure: 15-16 August 2014

On the night before their ordination, the two future subdeacons swear the Anti-Modernist Oath and a Profession of Faith before the Blessed Sacrament. The ordinands enter the chapel on the feast of the Assumption, when the tonsure and subdeaconate were conferred. After the Kyrie, ordaining prelate Bishop Bernard Fellay addresses the congregation on the significance of the orders. The three candidates for clerical tonsure have their hair cut in the form of the cross signifying their separation from the secular world. His Lordship pronounces a prayer over the newly tonsured clerics. In preparation for the reception of the subdeaconate, the congregation chants the Litany of the Saints on behalf of the candidates. Near the end of the litany, it is interrupted for the presiding bishop himself to confer a blessing on the prostrate candidates. Bishop Fellay chants a prayer from the pontifical after the subdeacons have received certain of their new powers. Here, the subdeacons receive the power to chant the Epistle at a Solemn High Mass. After having entered into major orders, subdeacons are addressed as Reverend Mister. All face the nave during the chanting of the Gospel for the feast of the Assumption. At the conclusion of the Mass, the Bishop gives the triple blessing to the congregation. Two new subdeacons and three new clerics for the Church and Holy Cross Seminary. Subdeacons were last ordained at Holy Cross in 2008. Most of the family of newly ordained subdeacon Rev. Mr. Joseph Ockerse Rev. Mr. Marcel Ockerse with his father, mother, brother, and seven sisters The siblings in chronological order After the banquet, newly tonsured Edward Campbell and his brother Father Benjamin Campbell put on a skit on the difficulty of transitioning from Roman to Decimal numerals. The next day, feast of St. Joachim, another Pontifical Mass was held for the conferral of the four Minor Orders. Fr. Vicente Griego, Rector of Holy Cross, served as Assistant Priest, while Fr. Benjamin Campbell served as deacon. Mr. John Mwangi of Kenya received the first two minor orders: Porter and Lector. Three fourth year seminarians received the other minor orders: Exorcist and Acolyte. Mr. Edward Campbell directs the singing of the Gregorian Chant and Polyphony during the ceremony. The bishop is assisted throughout a Pontifical Mass by bearers of book, crozier, mitre, and candle. These are the four first year seminarians who performed these roles. The raising of the Precious Blood towards Heaven during the consecration The four ordinands of 16 August pose with the Bishop and his ministers after the ceremony. Another angle verifies that there are smiles all around. Three exorcists/acolytes: Nicholas Stamos and Erik Ladner of the USA, with Anthony McNamara of Australia; one porter/lector: John Mwangi of Kenya Three new tonsured clerics: Martin Anozie of Nigeria, Edward Campbell of the USA, and Patrick Kennedy of Australia Superior General Bishop Bernard Fellay is flanked on his left and right by Fr. Vicente Griego, Rector of Holy Cross Seminary, and Fr. John Fullerton, District Superior of Australia. Bishop Fellay and the McNamara family

Holy Cross Seminary, Goulburn, Australia