Holy Cross Seminary
  Ordinations to the Clerical Tonsure, Minor Orders, and Subdeaconate: 14-15 August 2015

On the Vigil of the Feast of the Assumption, Bishop de Galarreta preached a sermon based on the Pontifical about the Tonsure and Minor Orders. Mr. Amalan Gnanaraj of India was raised to the Clerical State through the Tonsure. Mr. Edward Campbell of the USA waits for the call of the Assistant Priest for the first Minor Orders, the Porter and the Lector. Mr. John Mwangi of Kenya waits for his turn to receive the last two Minor Orders, the Exorcist and Acolyte. Mr. John Mwangi touches the Candle in receiving the Order of the Acolyte. Fr. Michael Fortin, newly assigned Principal of St. Thomas Aquinas College, together with Fr. Sayed Elias, 
prior of Tynong Parish, came for the occasion as Subdeacon and Assistant Deacon, respectively. The three ordinands to the Tonsure and Minor Orders make their Candle Offering after receiving their respective Orders. The Bishop is giving Penance to the Ordinands, right after the Last Gospel. Group photo for the Tonsure and Minor Orders Ceremony The Ordinands before the statue of St. Joseph near the Vesting Sacristy after the ceremony: 
        Mr. Amalan Gnanaraj of India, Mr. Edward Campbell of the USA, and Mr. John Mwangi of Kenya On the Feast of the Assumption, the Ordinands to the Subdiaconate arrive 
at their designated pew at the beginning of the ceremony: Mr. Nicholas Stamos of the USA, Mr. Erik Ladner of the USA,         Mr. Anthony McNamara of Australia After receiving the admonition from His Excellency Bishop de Galarreta on the Subdeaconate, 
the Ordinands take their Step, binding themselves to Perpertual Chastity. The Ordinands prostate themselves during the Litany of the Saints. Mr. Anthony McNamara receives the Subdeacon vestments, assisted by 
Deacon Rev. Mr. Joseph Ockerse. Our New Rector, Fr. Daniel Themann (on the left) acts as the Assistant Priest. The Ordinands at the sanctuary after receiving the Order of Subdeaconate. Group Photo after the Ceremony for the Order of Subdeaconate. Fr. Fullerton, District Superior
          of Australia, and Fr. Delsorte came for the ceremony as Assistant Deacons. The Ordinands pose together with His Excellency Bishop de Galarreta and Fr. Griego, our beloved
          previous Rector. Fr. Griego is now assigned to Dublin, Ireland. Family photo of Rev. Mr. Anthony McNamara Family photo of Rev. Mr. Nicholas Stamos Rev. Mr. Erik Ladner with Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong

Holy Cross Seminary, Goulburn, Australia