Holy Cross Seminary
  Ordinations to the Diaconate and Priesthood: 17 December 2015

The Seminary grounds in readiness for the ordination ceremony Ordinands, servers, and priests line up in the Seminary before processing to the tent. The ordinands make their way to the tent. Close to 30 priests were present for the ceremony. Fr. Michael Delsorte, subdeacon of the ceremony, carries in the Evangelarium ahead of the other ministers. The ministers at the throne recite the Gloria together. All sit during the singing of the Gloria. Fr. Delsorte sings the Epistle for the Votive Mass of the Holy Ghost. His Lordship Bishop Bernard Fellay gave a moving sermon on the sublimity of the priesthood. The ordinands await to be summoned for ordination. The future deacons listen to an initial admonition by the bishop. There is a slight pause when the bishop asks if anyone has an objection to the candidates being ordained. The five candidates prostrate themselves for the Litany of the Saints. After the litany, the ceremonies for the ordination of deacons begins. Rev. Mr. Nicholas Stamos of the USA is ordained a deacon by the imposition of the right hand of the ordaining bishop. Rev. Mr. Anthony McNamara of Australia is invested in the stole. Rev. Mr. Erik Ladner of the USA receives the power to chant the Gospel at Mass. The ordinand must have his thumb on the pages of the Gospel. The ordinands listen to the final prayers recited on their behalf by the ordaining bishop. Australian first cousins Rev. Mssrs. Joseph and Marcel Ockerse approach to receive the priesthood. Rev. Mr. Joseph Ockerse is ordained a priest by the imposition of both hands of the bishop. Rev. Mr. Marcel Ockerse is ordained a priest by the imposition of both hands of the bishop. The other priests in attendance begin to lay hands on the newly ordained. Frs. Andrew Cranshaw and Damien Fox take their turn. Newly ordained Fr. Joseph Ockerse is invested with the chasuble. The chasuble is adjusted before the ordained departs. Fr. Marcel Ockerse has his deacon stole changed to a priest stole by the bishop. The ordained receive a blessing from the bishop. The hands of the new priests are smeared with the Oil of the Catechumens. A closer shot at the moment the bishop is done Rector of Holy Cross Fr. Daniel Themann binds the hands of Fr. Joseph Ockerse with the manutergium. The ordained, both having their hands bound, await the next ceremony. The next ceremony is the touching of the paten and chalice by the bound hands of the priest. Fr. Marcel Ockerse touches the instruments of the Mass. After the main ceremonies for the ordination of the priests were completed, new deacon Rev. Mr. Anthony McNamara sang the Gospel. At the Offertory, the newly ordained make an offering of their candles. Former Rector Fr. Vicente Griego assists Fr. Marcel Ockerse in concelebrating Mass with the Bishop. Fr. Loren Gerspacher traveled from Canada to assist Fr. Joseph Ockerse. A broader view of the arrangement of the sanctuary for the concelebration Another view of Fr. Gerspacher assisting Fr. J. Ockerse The newly ordained deacons assist at the remainder of the Mass. The newly ordained priests, after having received Holy Communion from the hands of the Bishop, drink from a chalice of wine to symbolize their union with the consecration of the Precious Blood. Bishop Fellay, assisted by Fr. Yves le Roux, gives Communion to one of the Dominican nuns in attendance. The assistant deacons for the Mass were Fr. Fullerton, District Superior of Australia, and Fr. Shane Johnson, District Assistant. After Communion, the new priests receive a second imposition of hands to symbolize their reception of the power to forgive sins. They also give a promise of obedience to the ordaining bishop, here performed by Fr. Marcel Ockerse. Once these ceremonies are complete, the chasubles of the ordained are let down. The ceremony complete, the procession of return begins. Ministers, servers, ordained, and priests in attendance assemble for a group photo at the Seminary entrance. There are smiles and squinty eyes all around in the blazing Australian sun. A side view shows all those lined up for the photo. Fr. Marcel Ockerse gives his first blessing as a priest to his mother. Fr. Joseph Ockerse does the same. The faithful kneel down in a circle to await a first blessing. Rev. Mr. Anthony McNamara makes use of his newly received diaconal powers to transfer the Blessed Sacrament from the tent to the chapel. Some in the shade, others in the sun, await a first blessing from Fr. Joseph Ockerse. Fr. Marcel Ockerse gives a first blessing, while his brother Andre assists with his ordination holy cards. The first blessings had to be cut short for a banquet in celebration of the joyous occasion. The Tynong parish which the Ockerse families attend prepared cakes for the new priests. An outdoor lunch was also held for those in attendance.

Holy Cross Seminary, Goulburn, Australia