Holy Cross Seminary Grounds
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The sign at the beginning of the Seminary driveway The Seminary entrance An outdoor catechism class after Sunday Mass The Seminary’s wood shed for heating the Sacred Heart Wing The Seminary library and ping pong room Classrooms for the pre-seminarians The other side of the classrooms leading to the kitchen The laundry room on the right with some priests’ quarters on the left A rainbow touches down with the statue of St. Michael in the left corner looking on. The cemetery The chicken yard The clothes yard The basketball court Some fly traps: they are legion during the summer! The Seminary’s faithful ute, parked in front of St. Joseph’s house Some nice red gum wood ready for heating up the chapel The Seminary’s brawny bull Mrs. Cat One of the most common sights at Holy Cross: a sulfur crested cockatoo A cockatoo feast

Holy Cross Seminary, Goulburn, Australia